Welcome to the 2020 Innovative Website Competition.


This is a web building competition where both beginners and professionals can compete for being the best website, most innovative website and the most attractive website....


Taking part in this Hackathon is simple, just Sign up for the hackathon at DevPost and submit your projects when submissions open.

There are no restrictions to joining this hackathon, anyone can participate and win non-monetary prizes.



All websites will be judged under 3 criterias: innovative, attractive and user friendly. Also separate awards will be given for the most attractive website and most innovative website.



We need a working link for your website, so when making the project make sure you enter a valid link where we can visit and use your website. 


Please note...

Your app must have been built recently with no one's help except for team members.


Source code inspections will be done for all websites, attaching the code is not necessary, but we will inspect the source code of all websites.


*** To prove that the website belongs to you or your team, we need one of the following in your website:-

a) A Small Section mentioning, "Built for the Innovative Website 2020 Competition." 

b) A Small Section stating, "This website was built by ............." (Enter the name you have used in DevPost or team name.)

Your website can be a recent project, built within 3 months is better. But you will have to add a new section stating either the statement a) or b).


Also your website must be compatible with both desktop and mobile view.



Age: 13 and above. (Below 13's need parent consent.)

Countries and regions: All

Team Size: 1 - 4 members per team.


When submitting your project we require the following.

A working link to your website.

A video or document explaining your website. (Document can be in PDF format.) (An animated video too will do.)



Hackathon Sponsors


Best Website

You will receive a best website banner which you can embed in your site.
You will gain help from our company in earning from your website and developing the website.
Also you will gain advertising partners for cross platform advertising.

Most Innovative Website

*Most innovative website banner to embed in your site.
*Assistance in developing website and taking it to the world.

Most Attractive Website

*Most attractive website banner to embed in your site.
*Advertising partners to engage in cross platform promotion.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sampath Rathnayake

Sampath Rathnayake

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    30% Is your project unique? New? How was your project built? Was it built with coding? Does it solve any problems? Is it a working model or just a fact website? These points matter...
  • Attractive
    30% Is your website attractive? How is the design of your website? Does it use any advanced animations? These points matter here...
  • User Friendly
    20% Websites have to be user friendly. Users should be able to use your website in a wide range of devices and there should be no intrusive ads.
  • Other
    20% Some other factors too matter in a website being good.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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